We are investing in prospective regions both in Russia and abroad, preparing the raw material base for production and ensuring that levels of production increase rapidly

At Rosneftekhim we implement various modern instruments and methods for the exploration of crude oil and gaseous products.

Exploration activities are intended to provide more information – our job is to then decide what that information might mean.

We have self belief and passion. We are not afraid of a challenge – what is important is not being afraid to try to continually learn and our strategic goals related to replenishing the resource base and increasing the recovery factor at existing oilfields. At the same time, we attaches special importance to strict compliance with environmental safety standards and extensive use of modern technologies

Electrical exploration: This is based on a different electrical conductivity of rocks. So, granite, limestone, sandstone, saturated salt mineralized water, conduct electricity well, and clay, sandstone saturated with oil, have very low electrical conductivity.

Gravimetric: This is based on the dependence of gravity on the Earth's surface from the rock density. Species saturated with oil or gas, have a lower density than the same rocks containing water. Task of gravity is definitely the place to the low gravity.

Magnetic survey: This is based on a different permeability rocks. Our planet - it's a huge magnet, which is located around the magnetic field. Depending on the composition of the rock, the presence of oil and gas is a magnetic field is distorted to varying degrees. Often magnetometer mounted on the aircraft, which at a certain height overflying the study area. Aeromagnetic survey reveals anticline at a depth of 7 km

Geological and geophysical methods: mainly reveal the structure of rocks and strata siege possible traps for oil and gas. However, the presence of the trap does not mean the presence of oil or gas deposits. Identify the total number of detected structures are those that are most promising for oil and gas drilling without help hydro geochemical research methods bowels.

Hydro chemical method: This is based on the study of the chemical composition of the groundwater and the content of dissolved gases and organic substances, in particular arena. As you approach the reservoir concentration of these components in water increases, which suggests the presence of traps in the oil or gas

Stages of exploration:

  • Electromagnetic sounding (EMS)
  • Regional geological and geophysical work:
  • The search for deposits.
  • Low-frequency seismic sounding
  • Preparation for deep space exploration drilling
  • Software package 3D 'Stratimegic' for processing seismic survey results
  • Prediction of oil-bearing intervals with application of the "Neuroseism" artificial intelligence method

Rosneftekhim success stems from being pioneers and partners. We focus on identifying assets that are capable of providing significant and sustainable growth, capturing as high an equity position as possible in frontier areas, using our strong technical and commercial expertise and working with our partners to take our assets from discovery to development safely.

We create transformational growth from this focused exploration, as part of a well-balanced and sustainable portfolio approach including development and production which provides the free cash flow to fund exploration activity.

Application of enhanced oil recovery methods is a determinative factor in oil production. Incremental oil production resulting from tertiary oil recovery enhancement methods amounted to 4.4 million tons in 2014. In aggregate the production resulting from application of the enhanced oil recovery methods accounted for 42.4% of the total production volume in 2014.

Strategic objectives in the Upstream segment

  • Cost control over controllable unit costs
  • Maintaining production at existing oilfields at the level of 21 million tonnes per year
  • Boosting oil production at brownfields by introducing new technologies
  • Creating a large production centre in new key operating region
  • Promoting inorganic growth of production and reserves by acquiring companies and licences

The North will be a key region for growth of oil and gas production by the Company in the medium term, and Rosneftekhim is therefore devoting particular attention to the development of resource potential in the region.