Our Marketing concept brings into focus for the seller (Our Refinery) and the customer. Marketing involves the study of the needs and requirements of the buyer to take account of them in the production of goods. The ultimate goal of marketing is to meet buyers needs and preferences.

Given this theoretical premise all our customers are divided into two groups, more precisely, we can formulate that buyers may be people (retail customers) and the company (as the main wholesale customers the range of products and individual consumers unique products).

Thus, the division in the industrial and consumer marketing is dependant on the buyer (target purchase). Accordingly, if the buyer and the purpose of buying retail is private consumption, then the consumer marketing hence noting if the buyer and the purpose of buying wholesale is the industrial consumption or resale.

Our Marketing is reduced mainly to working with the consumer. Methods of working with retail and wholesale customers naturally are fundamentally different from each other due to the behavioral differences. There are certain rules of behavior and motivation purchase than in consumer markets. Obviously, at our company we implement different policies, prices, communications and marketing strategy in this event.

The subject of our Petroleum and Crude oil Marketing strategy is a set of relationships between the sectors of the market arising from their business activity - relationship sales.

Petroleum and Crude oil Marketing strategy is aimed at the promotion of our petroleum products to organizations and businesses that purchase them for use in the manufacture or resale. This Marketing strategy covers the whole complex of relationship between entities, implemented within the boundaries of a particular area or industry.

The range of exported petroleum products is diversified and includes gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil, several other types of products. Diesel fuel accounts for the biggest share of exports.

We seek to boost sales of niche products via our own marketing channels and to increase the share of consumers in this segment. Rosneftekhim gives priority to developing channels such as supply of products for the needs of civil aviation and sales on commodity exchanges.

We pay special attention to the development of sales of high-quality niche products, including both light products such as jet fuel, bunker fuel, liquefied petroleum gases, and heavy products including a wide range of lubricants, bitumen, petroleum coke, as well as sulphur.

Rosneftekhim strategic priority in developing its sales infrastructure is to create its own marketing channels providing maximum access to consumers of petroleum products. The Company is actively expanding its marketing network in order to develop small-scale wholesale distribution of its engine fuels in high-priority regions of Russia.

We attach great importance to promoting Rosneftekhim brand on the federal level. In 2013 the Company started to implement a programme aimed at rebranding its own network of filling stations in order to standardize the exterior design of filling stations, to improve brand recognition and to increase customers’ brand loyalty.

The Company attaches considerable importance to improving the quality of customer service, extending its product range and increasing customer loyalty; to achieve this, it continues boosting sales of high-quality gasoline and diesel fuel meeting modern European environmental and quality standards.

Rosneftekhim strategic priorities in the sphere of oil export are geographical diversification of supplies and penetration of new premium markets. Distribution of sales volumes by destination is aimed at maximizing the economic benefit and depends largely on macroeconomic conditions during a given period of time.