LLC “Rosneftekhim” AGRO — also is a world leader in the Agro — synthesis of specialty bromine compounds and polymer additives. More than 30, 000Mt of bromine are been deliver worldwide such as China, India, Europe, Jordan and African providing with a solid foundation from which we can offer a wide range of bromochemicals.

Our global network ensures that customers get the technical support they need. Our manufacturing base is located in far Russia UFA region; our experienced engineers are able to produce high quality bromochemicals using a wide array of reactions. The vertical integration from raw material to processed compounds has made us the largest producer of brominated flame retardants. Using bromine imported internationally, LLC “Rosneftekhim” Agro manufacturing ensures a consistent supply of quality bromochemicals for our customers.

We know the impacts that climate, weather and soil conditions can have on a crop. This is part of the reason that effective crop nutrition programs must be customized. Some soil conditions won’t hold nutrients, while others will capture some nutrients and not others. Too much rainfall can also cause nutrients to leach or runoff, while too little rainfall can prevent nutrients from reaching plant roots. These are just a few of the reasons it is important to work with an agricultural expert and local supplier who understands your unique area.

Lawn and garden fertilizer should provide sustained nutrition and protection from threats, without requiring more mowing and maintenance LLC “Rosneftekhim” liquid lawn and garden fertilizer is designed to do exactly that. Slow-release nutrients contained in the lawn and garden fertilizer products provide sustained nutrition, instead of a flood of nutrients that cause rapid growth and increased maintenance. This keeps your lawn and gardens looking beautiful throughout the year. These fertilizers are suitable for a range of decorative and functional vegetation, including turf grass for fields and parks, ferns, bushes, flowers, and many more.