ROSNEFTEHIM LLC is a production and structural organization supplying light, gasoline and diesel fuel, as well as dark, bitumen, heavy fuel oil, fuel both to the domestic market of the Russian Federation and to the markets of the near and far abroad.

In an era of dynamically developing market relations, taking into account fierce competition, only those enterprises survive that, in their work strategies, especially focus on mobility and efficiency, while maintaining commitment to consumers.

These qualities allow you to sensitively respond to market conditions, monitor the dynamics of development, and timely receive the information necessary for effective decisions. All together allows you to achieve stability in work. To meet these conditions, it is necessary to establish all the links in the chain, one of which is sales.

You can buy petroleum products by contacting our company by contact numbers. You can familiarize yourself with the price of fuels and lubricants, such as gasoline, bitumen, diesel fuel and fuel oil, in the corresponding section of our website — the cost of products or send an official request by e-mail.

Stability of production, supply and quality of petroleum products are the priorities of our plant LLC ROSNEFTEHIM, the specificity of which is both its own raw materials and products of mining enterprises.

ROSNEFTEKHIM LLC has a solid experience of cooperation with leading oil companies of the Russian Federation, confidently occupying the position of a reliable supplier in the domestic market with a constant expansion of supply regions.

The strategy of expanding the geography of activities determines the continuous search for new partners for further mutually beneficial cooperation, strengthening the previously established relations, and the use of additional reserves.

The process of transition from a command and administrative economy to market relations required market participants to introduce new forms of relationships. In the post-Soviet period, before the dynamically developing Russian economy, the task of reorganizing the large-scale and largely unique economic formation left over from the previous system was outlined. It is professional changes in the interaction system, based on the existing base, taking into account new market realities, that ultimately formed, as practice has shown, the most effective mechanism for the functioning of production.

The production and sale of fuel and its delivery to the consumer is the key task of the ROSNEFTEKHIM LLC refinery. Our experts carry out the production, sale of fuel, its shipment and transportation throughout the Russian Federation and abroad.

In the process, the plant is in contact with various institutes. In addition to oil companies, these are credit institutions, state and municipal organizations, public and charitable foundations. The versatility of forms and types of relationships involves an integrated approach in working with partners. There is a need to consider all factors in order to achieve full partnerships.

ROSNEFTEKHIM LLC understands cooperation as the aggregate interaction of market participants aimed at achieving their goals. This approach, in the conditions of a dynamically developing market, determines the stability of activity and the constant growth of the potential of enterprises and organizations. Fundamental in the process of cooperation is business ethics with its inherent principles of doing business, namely decency in working with partners, responsibility, openness and proper fulfillment of obligations. These principles allow the ROSNEFTEKHIM plant to occupy a firm position in the fuel market today, as well as look confidently into the future.

The production, supply and sale of petroleum products is carried out on the territory of the Russian Federation by road and rail, and transportation to non-CIS countries is carried out using bulk tankers through the pipeline network of OJSC UralTransnefteproduct. The supply of dark fuel, fuel oil, bitumen, and light fuel, gasoline and diesel fuel, is carried out for industrial enterprises and organizations that use and consume fuel oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, bitumen and other petroleum products in production.