At our refinery, two of the most competitive strengths are developing:

  • high development of production technology;
  • good brand structure and environmental friendliness of products.

This enables the plant to provide the best quality processing services. At present, our refinery has a set of technologies that deepen oil refining, in relation to primary refining, 1.5 times higher than the industry average. The proportions of processes that improve quality have the same ratio (see table).

Characterization of the technology structure of LLC ROSNEFTEKHIM

Process power ROSNEFTEKHIM Refinery Russia as a whole
Primary oil refining, mln.t / year 12.15 273.1
Deepening oil refining,% of primary refining capacity, incl. 35.5 20.1
catalytic cracking 16,4 5.9
hydrocracking 0.4
thermocracking + visbreaking 8.3 5.3
coking 1.9
bitumen production 10.0 3,7
other 0.8 2.9
Improving the quality of products,% of the primary processing capacity, incl. 55.6 36.36
Reforming 11.1 11.3
hydrotreating gasoline fractions (without reforming feedstock) 0.18
distillate hydrotreating 27.5 24.5
hydrotreating residues and heavy gas oil 16.6
alkylation 0.1
oligomerization + dimerization 0.6 *)
MTBE production 0.2 *) 0.06
esterification of light cracked gasoline 1.7 *)
isomerization 0.4
Total all secondary,% of primary processing capacity 92.8 56.64

*) integrated capacities of Korimos subsidiary

A flexible combination of deepening and ennobling processes allows for a high increase in light petroleum products in relation to their natural content in oil, as well as the production of motor fuels with high environmental performance.

Due to the lack of significant investments in the plant’s development program in recent years, specialists and managers have switched to a “low-cost modernization” policy using their own sources of financing. It came to understand that by mobilizing the intellectual potential to improve existing technologies to the regime of austerity of resources, we can continue to move forward in the face of serious financial difficulties.

In the field of technology, energy saving, reducing the environmental impact of the environment, the refinery is actively cooperating with industry research and design institutes: VNII NP, VNII Neftekhim (St. Petersburg), IPNHP (Ufa), VNII Neftemash, VNIPI Oil, All-Russian Research Institute of Vodgeo.

Positive changes in the modernization of equipment and technologies were also facilitated by new research and design and production associations formed under the agreements over the past decade: Piro CJSC (distillation equipment), Elistek CJSC (reactor and regenerator apparatus device), PMP CJSC (small-scale petrochemical and petrol refining projects), ZAO NPP Neftekhim (processes and catalysts for reforming and isomerization), ZAO NPO Tekhnovakuum (liquid-jet, vacuum and injection devices).